5. Contributing to MDMC

5.1. Reporting Bugs and Requesting Features

The recommended method for bug reports and feature requests is through the MDMC GitHub repository. To do this you will require a GitHub account.

Please create a new issue of the relevant type (i.e. Bug report or Feature request) and provide as many details as possible as prompted by the default headers on the issue form. For bugs it is particularly important to provide a minimal working example which results in the bug, and details about the environment in which you are running MDMC e.g. Docker, HPC, your OS etc.

If you would like then please assign any GitHub labels which you think are relevant to your issue, with the exception of those indicating priority (P0 to P5), as PT will be assigned by default (see MDMC Software Management for more details).

If you would like to report a bug or request a feature without creating a GitHub issue, please send as many details as possible to MDMC support: support@mdmcproject.org

5.2. Contributing Code

To contribute code to MDMC, please see the developer documentation.